June 9, 2006

Rabbi Dov Shapiro

2102 Paulding Ave 

Pelham Parkway, N.Y. 10462


 Re:   My sonís Bris


Dear Rabbi Shapiro: 


You came very highly recommended to me.  I was quite nervous about making a Shavuos Bris.  Many of the preparations usually done for a regular Bris cannot be done for a Shavuos Bris, not to mention the regular concerns a parent has for just about any Bris.


When you came to our house before the Bris, we were very impressed by your professional and thorough demeanor.  You answered all my wifeís questions and put to rest any concerns she had.  In fact, the thorough information folder you gave us covered all the bases and answered any possible questions we may have had, from an explanation of the various honors to be given out at the Bris to post Bris care.  Your manner and personality instantly assured us that we were in good hands.


You performed the Bris flawlessly and even directed affairs, showing each participant what they must do and/or say at the ceremony.  My entire family was impressed with your professionalism.  It was particularly thoughtful of you to give our baby an inscribed childrenís Artscroll siddur.  We are sure he will cherish it.


We wish you much success in your future and pray that G-d reward you and your entire family with health, prosperity, protection, and happiness.






       Michael M. Cohen