Mazal Tov on The Birth of Your Baby Boy!

Ritual circumcision, or Bris Milah in Hebrew (lit. " covenant of circumcision "), has been a fundamental practice in Jewish tradition since G-d formed a covenant with our forefather Abraham, instructing him to circumcise all his male descendants when they turn 8 days old.

The Bris Milah represents the Jewish nation’s eternal commitment to that covenant, and its performance reflects loyalty and pride in one’s Jewish identity, as well as a connection and commitment to his Jewish future.

The commandment to circumcise one’s child is actually incumbent on the child’s father, however since most fathers prefer not to perform the actual Bris on their own, they arrange to have a Mohel perform the Bris on their behalf. In that case the mitzvah remains the father’s; the Mohel is merely acting as an agent of the father.

Thus the Bris is primarily a religious function, and secondarily a medical procedure. It is because of the spiritual nature and import of the Bris that the vast majority of parents wanting a circumcision for their child call upon a certified Mohel, often a rabbi, to perform the Bris.

In addition to being trained in all the anatomical, medical, and surgical aspects of circumcision, the Mohel should be well versed in the Jewish laws and traditions surrounding the Bris Milah. The role of the Mohel is thus to perform the Bris with expertise, and to imbue the event with the spirituality and religious significance that reflect the essence of the Bris.

From a surgical perspective, the procedure is a safe one, & a competent Mohel is highly qualified to perform the Bris in a manner that is consistent with accepted medical standards, & the expertise that will result in the smallest amount of discomfort to the child.


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