Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of sterilization do you use?
My instruments are autoclave sterilized.

How long is the Bris expected to take?
The actual procedure takes about one minute. The length of the entire ceremony varies, depending on the family’s wishes, usually about 15-20 minutes.

Can you describe the Bris ceremony?
Please read about the Bris ceremony.

Under what circumstances is a Bris performed on Shabbos?
A Bris is performed on Shabbos only if the baby was delivered vaginally on the previous Shabbos.

Are you available to travel to perform a Bris out of town?
Yes. I am available to travel internationally for weekday or Shabbos Brissim.

Do you recommend any pre-medication or anesthesia?
At 8 days an infant’s liver is still immature. Introducing anesthetics or even Tylenol into the baby’s system places an extra burden on the liver. Therefore I do not recommend any pre-medication or anesthetic. The procedure is very quick and in the vast majority of cases, the baby stops crying immediately following the procedure. If the parents insist, infant Tylenol may be given before or after the Bris, but I don’t encourage it. I recommend a simple sweet water because of glucose’s pain relieving properties.

How can I get a list of references or find out more information?
You can view references here or contact me for more information.


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